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Glad it's almost over...

I know this may sound really selfish but I'm kind of glad that the whole major party/shower thing is coming to an end. My shower is in about 2 weeks and the whole coordinating family and planning thing is CRAZY!

My MIL thinks we need to invite EVERYONE's wife that came to our wedding over 2 years ago - - we sent out over 80 invitations!We even had to go out and buy an extra 30 invites because the ones my sister made were not enough! I wouldn't have minded a smaller shower to be honest... 

I am really grateful for those who are going to be there and the gifts we will be receiving but inviting people we know won't come and people whose name you dont even know other than "Stevie's wife" is getting a little out of hand in my opinion... I'd rather just invite the people you are close to and that you really know!

I am also worried that they won't RSVP their regrets ( a lot of them live out of town but we had to invite them anyway) and we will be expecting a ton of people and order way too much food for people who don't show up...

I am really looking forward to it and so grateful for those throwing the shower for me - I'm just glad that it's the last big party we really have to worry about!

Thanks for listening to my vent - anyone else in the same boat?

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Re: Glad it's almost over...

  • A- I would have put my foot down on the inviation list.  Your wedding has nothing to do w/ your baby shower.

    B- as such, if you're doing "regrets only" and you don't even know these women's' names- I would imagine they are getting the invitation and wondering "WHO?" and thinking "I'm not bothering to reply to this".

    Which leads to:

    C- yes, if you did "regrets only", there is a good chance you'll have a lot of extra food.  People are horrible about RSVPing in general, and regrets only seems to make it easier for people to not do it.  I've been to one "regrets only" party and they had SO MUCH extra food. 

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  • I totally agree with the last post. Regret only parties will leave u with regret... in my experience. And I'm going through the same thing now. I am inviting a bunch of people that may not even show. Theres a bunch of people I don't know. But I will be happy when its all over and see what I get---

    Selfish maybe? (shrugs)

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  • Sorry your hostess put "Regrets Only" because that really does limit her.  Now she can't even call the people because she HAS to assume they are coming...even though they probably aren't.  I always always ask for an RSVP and give a date on when I want them by.  That way I can call, text or email those guests I haven't heard from.

    Hope you don't have mountains of food left over and if you do it is freezable.

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