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What does Duncan's daily schedule look like? Naps, meals and what not?

I feel like I forgot everything I did with O and now I'm trying to establish some sort of schedule with G. We need a better routine big time.

Anyone else feel free to chime in too.  

ETA: Treats for the lurkers Smile


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  • Hey mama!

    Dunk turned 8 months just after Christmas and we are finally in a fairly predictable sleep routine.
    He pretty much refuses solids still but we offer.

    Wake for day between 6 and 7 am

    Reflux meds then offer solids

    Wake time here lasts about 2 hours then nurse and put down

    Nap begins between 8:30 and 9:30 and lasts one to two hours

    10:30 to 11 wake

    Offer solids / nurse, activity

    Wake time here is 3 hours

    Second nap begins between 1 and 2 and lasts 1 to 2 hours

    Offer snack/ nurse

    If 2nd nap ended long before 3 I try to get him a 15 minute catnap here.

    Dinner offered between 5:30 and 6 pm

    Bath between 6 and 6:30 pm

    Nurse between 6:30 and 7

    Bed between 7 and 7:30.

    Both the boys have ear infections right now so there is all sorts of night waking going on. Boo!!

    Ps is Ginny up to any new tricks? Dunk pulled himself to stand yesterday. I feel like they are going to be one year old before we know it!
  • We are still having sleep issues at night so I think a big part of our problem stems from that but I'm glad to see G's schedule isn't too far off from Duncan's.

    -Wake for the day 730-830, nurse then offer Cheerios or something similar

    -Nap around 10:00 regardless of what time she wakes up, (depending on what time she woke up I nurse before she goes down), nap lasts anywhere from 30min-1hr 

    -Lunch around 12-1, usually a puree with something else then nurse when finished to top her off before nap

    -Nap between 1-2, this nap usually lasts 1.5-2.5hrs 

    -Nurse again between 430-530 

    -Dinnner around 6-630

    -Nurse at 730 then bed for the night 

    As for exciting, she has been pulling up and cruising furniture for a few weeks now. She really likes the freedom that and crawling gives her to be able to move all over. Way to go Dunk on the pulling up! They'll be walking before we know it.

    You mentioned Duncan isn't liking solids, is it just purees or have you tried more of the BLW approach? G will eat both but likes real food much better. It's worth a shot if you haven't tried it.

    Also, G is soooooooooo clingy right now it is driving me batty. She cries when I leave the room. If she is with other people and doing well, she cries when I come back into the room. She just wants to be on me all. the. time. O was never like this so I'm having a hard time processing it. I hope this is a stage she grows out of soon.

  • As for food we have tried everything. He absolutely hates pured food and will not accept a spoon.
    He would rather feed himself but can't get much in his mouth on his own. And when he does get finger foods in his mouth he usually doesn't keep it there! He makes a face and spits it out.
    So far he seems to enjoy banana chunks, puffed rice, sweet potato chunks and toast strips. But he will eat maybe two bites a sitting. I guess that's a start. I'm trying not to stress but the pedi keeps pushing.... Of course.

    I'm hoping when the ear infection is gone he will step it up.

    I can't believe how big they are already!!!

    Eta: dunk is super clingy right now too. I dont remember odie bring like that but I also held him more. Dunk is independent a lot more of the day just because he's number two. I assumed that was the issue but maybe it's just random. Who knows!
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