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Breaking the news to an office full of men...

I am in my 6th week of pregnancy, I am sooo tired and feel so sick 24/7. I'm already starting to show due to being so bloated! I need to tell work but my HR department and all of my boss' are men, how to I make it comfortable to break the news to them?? And I work for an engineering company and am placed on different projects for different time periods, when should I tell them so that I am not put on a crucial project and have to miss work or once I have the baby??

Re: Breaking the news to an office full of men...

  • I told my male boss in the context of how it would effect my project. He seemed a bit overwhelmed but moved on quickly enough.
  • I can tell you how my man broke it to an office full of men. He let them know when I was due and that he'd be out of the office for a couple weeks then. His boss appreciated the heads up and they were able to prepare accordingly. 
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