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2 of my kiddos are sick!

My ODS and 2 year old daughter are both sick. DS has had a low grade fever from the 99101 being the highest since Sat night and its off and on. He still eats but not as much and still drinks his water and milk. He goes from almost normal to quite tired and has a cough. My DH took him to the ER this past Sat night cause he had a hard time breathing with his nose all stuffed up with the fever and they said he had the flu and gave him amoxacillan sp? So we have been giving him that along with rotating tylenol and ibuprofen. Its not letting up and I don't know if we should take him in again or let whatever this virus is take its course. And he has also been complaining of a sore tummy on and off.

With my DD she has had a low grade fever on and off as well, very congested waking up in the morning with her hair glued to her face from all the boogers. She has a poor appetite, but ate great at lunch today but then barely touched her dinner. Still having her milk and water. And like her brother she still acts fine most of the time playing and being her goofball self. I'm thinking the fever is from this rotten cold that she has and she has had the fever I believe since Monday I think as its been a long week!

Any clue as to what is going on?

Re: 2 of my kiddos are sick!

  • It sounds like a nasty virus.  Probably wouldn't hurt to call your pedi since it's been going on for several days, but obviously there's not much they can do if it is a virus.  I'm sorry your kiddos have been sick.
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  • Sounds like exactly what went through my house and we were told it was flu. For us it lasted about a week and then started to let up, but I was prob a good 2 weeks before we all felt really good again. Lots of rest, fluids, and snuggles!
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