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parenting advice...just had to give a little vent

We are so lucky in that our parents rarely give out advice to us and if/when they do it is really non-judgy and just super helpful. But today I got some advice from my brother in law that was just a pain to take. 

My sister and I are both visiting our parents with our families. She has twin boys who are 5 and I have the one Dec 2010 boy. My husband was not available to come on the trip so it's just the two of us but my sister is coming with her husband.

Anyway, all of our boys have had trouble going to sleep due to the travel, etc. Even though their kids have had more trouble going down each night than mine has, BIL lectured me for like 20 min--when I was going to use that time to get some work done before family dinner--about how to get my son to sleep. Also he invoked God and we are not religious (though he is obviously). His advice was actually not bad but a) not necessarily true in DS's case and b) I got the point after 10 seconds. Basically, he and I are in a different place on the comfort your kids / let them deal with it on their own continuum. It was really rude and clueless for him to go on and on and on. I was so glad when my mom intervened to ask questions about dinner, etc.

Again, we are lucky not to have this kind of thing happen a lot so I do feel for you all who have to listen to this crap daily from various relatives, strangers, etc. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Re: parenting advice...just had to give a little vent

  • That sounds super annoying.  I hope he minds his own business for the rest of the trip.
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  • If there is one thing I've learned from being a parent ts that there is no right way to do it. I hate it when people assume there is!
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  • That sounds really annoying.
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  • Ugh! Sorry you got trapped like that. How annoying.
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  • Ick! That sounds super awkward and annoying. I hate unsolicited advice of any kind.
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  • That stinks!

    Plus... I am curious to hear how he related god to getting children to sleep!!
  • image jnicolen1:
    That stinks!

    Plus... I am curious to hear how he related god to getting children to sleep!!

    Me too! I mean I've begged him to get LO to sleep a few times but I doubt that's the same!
  • That stinks. I hope that's the last that you have to hear about the subject.

    BIL loves to give us condecending parenting advice based on his having younger step siblings. However, he is not a parent himself nor ever been a primary caretaker so DH and I try to keep that in mind.
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