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XP: Cake flavor dilemma

Hi all,

This is my first post in the baby shower section and I hope that you can help me. So far I've found great advice from you guys.

I will be having a baby shower Jan 20 and need to get my cakes ordered. My sister and I are having a dual baby shower. We will have 2 separate 10-12 in round cakes. So we have 2 cake flavors to choose. My sister doesn't cake what we pick and therefore my mom left it in my hands to pick. We will be having 2 fondant decorated cakes. What are some good flavors that would appeal to a wide variety of tastes? My sister likes chocolate and I like more vanilla/white but am up for something different as well. I do like cream cheese filling. That's about all my thoughts so far. I'm just so indecisive. Thanks in advance.

Re: XP: Cake flavor dilemma

  • I think your host could easily do one chocolate and one vanilla. 

    In my experience, more people like chocolate than vanilla (usually the chocolate goes faster). If I had to guess, I would say it is usually 2 to 1 chocolate to vanilla. 

    I think you could ask for cream cheese filling, if it is what you like. I think vanilla with a fruit filling (raspberry) is also popular. But it is your shower and if your host is asking your opinion, then you can ask for what you like.  

    I don't know how many people are expected. Not all will want cake. It will also depend on what else your host is serving.  

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  • i never really understood what red velvet was and didn't know it actually was chocolate. hmmm.
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  • You could ask for samples of cake.  I think Chocolate or red velvet for one is a good choice.  You could do vanilla cake with a yummy filling like cannoli.  The filling is more important to me then the cake itself.

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  • imageJoy2611:

    I loooove chocolate.  I find vanilla cake it be uber boring.

    Red velvet is just chocolate cake but a nice alternative from brown chocolate.  It pairs excellently with cream cheese frosting, which is the only kind of frosting that should exist in my personal opinion.  Any other kind of frosting I scrape off and avoid.  It's always sickeningly sweet and greasy.

    Good luck!  Picking cake is so fun.

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  • I would probably go with one white/yellow and one chocolate.  Personally I don't like all the red food coloring they have to put in the red velvet to get the color red - I think it changes the taste.  I actually prefer white or yellow...but like a raspberry ro strawberry cream filling.  The chocolate one could have cream cheese.  Just let your hostess know what flavors you and your sister like and let her take it from there.  That way you will be surprised.
  • Just a quick add in here that part of what makes a red velvet cake different from chocolate is the addition of vinigar/buttermilk... it's not simply chocolate cake with red coloring... just an FYI

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