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When was LOs first pediatrician appt?

My LO is 3 days old and we already had her scheduled for a 1 week checkup at the pedi.  As we were leaving the hospital, the pedi there (not ours) told us to follow up with our pedi when she's 5 days. However, pedi was closed today and is closed tomorrow, so we can't even call until Wednesday, which is when she's already 5 days...probably won't get an appt.

I thought the standard was a 1 week visit. When was yours? I can't imagine a couple days makes a huge difference...

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Re: When was LOs first pediatrician appt?

  • We couldnt get in until LO was 8 days. A few days isnt going to hurt.
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  • Our pedi came within 24 hours of birth to do an initial checkup in the hospital. She had us go to the hospital on a Saturday to check weight and other vitals and the first appt. outside of the hospital is at 2 weeks. They are also closed tomorrow and the earliest they could get me in was at 3 weeks old. I don't think a few days is that big of a deal since LO is healthy.
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  • We had to go in 2 days after we left the hospital because DD had some jaundice. Her next appointment is when she's 2w5d old.
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  • They had us come in 3 days after released from the hospital and then our first official pedi visit was 2 weeks.
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  • 2 days pp but since she hadn't gained her birth weight back yet we ended up having to come back a week later for a follow-up/weight check.
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  • Cj was premature and had jaundice in the hospital. We were in the hospital one exta day and told to follow up with pedi in 2 days. Then we met with dr. Weekly till he reached his birth weight., but the appointments weren't exact because of thanksgiving and the office being closed. After that our next appointment is at 2 monrhs. 


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  • They had us come in the very next day for my second LO, even though she was completely healthy. It all depends on what they want you to do.
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  • Our son was born on a Tuesday, we were released on a Thursday and he didn't see our Pedi until that Monday, so almost a week later. And we were having some weight issues, but we were told as long as he didn't act lethargic, etc we were ok to wait. 
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  • The discharge pedi told me to make an appt two days after discharge which was at 4 days old and a Monday. The office put me in the morning that I called. They usually have space for a newborn. Then we had a few weight checks before dd got good at nursing then our one month.
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  • Our pedi likes to see the kids at 4-6 days old.  If they are closed just call first thing on the day they open.
  • Typically about 1 week.  Then the 1 month mark, 2 months, etc
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  • We took him to the hospital for a check up at 4 days old, and because of the holidays, haven't been able to get him in for another until the end of this week. He'll be 2 weeks old on Thursday.

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  • DS was 6 days old at his first appointment.  We were in the hospital for 4 days though and the pedi saw him every day.
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  • Our first appt was 1 week, but only because we were in the hospital longer (c section) and were discharged on a Friday, so the first day we could be seen was Monday. The attendings from our practice do routinely check the babies every day in the hospital and they also told us that normally the first appt is 24-48 hrs after discharge. 
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  • Our first appt was when she was 5 days old just because they wanted to check her bili levels (which they ended up not doing because she looked fine). I wouldn't think a few days would hurt.
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  • Ofcourse it depends on your individual situation but for us we saw the hospital pedi as ours doesnt have hospital privileges where we delivered so they recommended that we see the Dr by day 5. Our pedi got him right in to be seen at 4 days. Then a week after that & a week after that. Then at one & two months & now waiting until our four month. 
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  • 2 days after being released from the hospital so she was 5 days old. Her next appointment is tomorrow (she'll be 2 w 3d old).

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