Its been awhile since I BFed DS so I don't remember. DD is 12 days old and lately she will go from sucking to chomping really hard on my nipple. My nipples are still really sore so it hurts like he!! I usually stick my finger in and unlatch her really quick. Why do they do this? Is there anything I can do to prevent it? Ouch!
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BFP#1 on 02/14/09 BIRTH to Mason 6lb9oz on 10/12/09

BFP#2 on 5/28/11 EDD 2/1/12 Natural M/C on 6/13/11

BFP#3 on 1/20/12 EDD 9/30/12 Natural m/c on 1/27/12

BFP#4 on 4/23/12 BIRTH to Isabella 7lb1oz on 12/19/12

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