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My LO   is not latching as well as she used to..  She isn't opening her mouth as wide to get all that she needs to.   And when she does get a good mouth full she slowly lets it go until its  the nipple and the tiniest bit of areola.. I try taking it off and re-attaching and that just makes her frustrated and even more reluctant to open wide/latch well.  I dont know how to make her open wider and latch well. 

 I wish I had xray vision so I could see the latch inside her mouth better because sometimes its just so hard to tell!   

 1.  If she is on but not a perfect latch should I just let her stay as long as it's not painful for me?

2. What can I do to make her open wider?  I've tried  some of the suggestions from websites -- lining up with her nostrils, etc.  but that isnt helping.  


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Re: Open Wide!

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    Have you tried laid back nursing? Google it and watch the video, it really helped my LO get a deeper latch.
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    I used to make him do "big boy mouth" before I would let him latch on (and I called it that too.) obviously he probably wasn't understanding it as a newborn, but it did help get him used to opening his mouth wide before attempting to latch.
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    You can try tapping on the chin and then holding your finger down gently on the lower lip--that makes my LO's mouth open and his tongue stick out, which is helpful in getting a good latch. As for leaving LO on if it's a bad latch  but doesn't hurt--I have totally done this, esp late at night or early in the morning. It's probably not good to do, as it encourages them to be lazy about their latch, but sometimes it's not worth the effort to latch/unlatch.


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    A good latch is one that a) feeds baby well and b) doesn't hurt; don't worry about it looking textbook perfect. My LO sometimes does the same thing, as long as it isn't hurting I just let it go. 
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