When did your bra size regulate?

I want to buy a nice nursing bra but not until I know my boobs wont change sizes again. I have a couple that were given to me that Im using right now but one is a tad too big and one is a tad too small. When, in your experience, is a safe time to know what my final size will be?

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Re: When did your bra size regulate?

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    about 6 weeks pp...
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    Perhaps I'm an odd ball but I can't figure out what size my chest is going to be.... by 6 weeks they were still so much larger before a feed/pump that I liked that the Medela bra was so stretchy, and this never went away. They were and still are are so much larger in the morning though now my rightly is so small and the left continues to be larger... I am horribly lopsided that I think even other people notice.


    I say around 6 weeks buy a nice stretch cup bra. 

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