BF after Breast Reduction

Hello ladies!

 I'm due in March and I'm starting to get a little worried about breastfeeding my soon to be LO.

 Does anyone have any experience breast feeding after getting a breast reduction?  I had my reduction surgery less than 2 years ago and I *think* I'm 100% healed, but there are still areas of my breast along the scar that feel a little numb (which is probably permanent.)

 Also, I know that not everyone lactates before giving birth, but I haven't had any leakage yet and I'm starting to wonder if this is a sign of how much (or little) milk I will be able to produce.


Can anyone offer any insight? 

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Re: BF after Breast Reduction

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    i would tell you to do what i did.

    see, i want a breast reduction, before baby and BFing i was a 38 H now i have jumped at least 2-3 sizes. i was curious about BFing after reduction because i want another baby in the next 2-3 years. and i was wondering about BFing after surgery. i did a lot of reading, and looking at forums online. and one thing i have found is that every woman is different, and each surgery is different. i noticed that the longer AFTER the surgery, the more success.

    i would check a lot of other websites.

    if your ducts are intact then i would just try and try again. many people who never had a reduction have trouble BFing. patience and practice, and research!

    after what i have found out, i am going to wait until after our next child is weaned before pursuing a breast reduction, i hope you can find what you are looking for. 


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    I'll definitely be checking out that book and website.  (Although now I'm scared that my breast size will stay this big even after weaning - ah!)  

     I'm planning on taking full advantage of the lactation consultant while I'm at the hospital, and will probably end up going to a bunch of the breastfeeding classes afterward.  I guess I really won't know until the time comes.

     Thanks for all of the advice! 

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