giving baby a bottle

My LO is 9 weeks old.  She has had a bottle twice before and it didn't go well but my husband was able to get her to take it.  She is completely refusing it today.  Any suggestions?  Does it help to try out different kinds of bottles? 

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    It helps if you can have someone else get them used to bottles before you try giving them :-/
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    You might have to try different nipples.  Some babies prefer different shapes.
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    Man if I had a dollar for every "my baby is refusing a bottle" post. I had no idea until I tried giving my DS a bottle that it would be so damn hard. I have been back to work for 5 weeks now and DS still refuses the bottle at least 50% of the time. He still doesn't eat much at all when I am at work. This is one of those things they really should prepare everyone for when they decide to breastfeed. In any case, as hard as it is, your LO will not starve himself. If you need to be somewhere for greater than 3 hours or so and your LO refuses the bottle, he will just make up for it when you get home. 

    I actually have my DS's 4 month appt this Friday and I certainly plan to ask more about why DS continues to do this 5 weeks into me working and I wish I had better answers for you. I am gone for 11 hours at a time and, unfortunately, my inlaws aren't always straight with me, but I bet LO only at 5 or so ounces all day. I hate this. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful but the bottom line is some babies always hate bottles.  

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    I tried several kinds of bottles, but I was never able to get my DD to take one.  We went right to the sippy cup.  Good luck! 
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    How old was she when you started the sippy cup??
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