Working mom, bf, solids, and daycare

We got the all clear from the pedi. at DS's 4 month appt to start introducing solids.  He's doing great!  But I'm on vacation so its easy to pump a little milk and mix it with the cereal.  But when I return to work I don't know how to give them what they need for the food. 

I wake DS up at 6am to get him ready for daycare, he nurses, gets changed and is on his way.  How do I pump an extra ounce for his cereal?  

My supply isn't strong enough to produce that much so soon after DS eats.  Just wondering how everyone else gets this all ready for their kids.

I was thinking of telling them to take it out of his first bottle, make the cereal, and then give him the rest of the bottle.

Any ideas or suggestions would be so appreciated.

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Re: Working mom, bf, solids, and daycare

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