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I go back to work on Wednesday and I plan to pump at work. My little guy was in the NICU for 2 weeks when he was born and I built up quite the stock pile then. He still typically only nurses from one side at each feeding so I pump the opposite side a couple of times a day and get about 3-4oz each time. My question is when I go back to work should I start incorporating frozen BM or just stick with feeding fresh or use a combination? I have never had supply issues so I hope to be able to pump enough at work to provide for each days feedings. Currently at 11 weeks old he takes about 3 oz at each feeding if we give him a bottle. Any input is greatly appreciated! 
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Re: Using freezer stash

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    As PP said, once it's frozen it looses some of it's antibodies.  If you don't have a deep freeze the milk is good for 2-6 months depending on who you ask. 

    I wanted to start rotating through mine since some of it is nearly 2 months old.  We send two thawed bottles on Monday with one bottle of fresh that was pumped Sunday and a back-up fresh bottle that was pumped during the 1st feeding Monday morning.  The rest of the week I send fresh bottles that were pumped the day before.  I freeze Friday's milk to replace what I thawed Monday. 

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    I use frozen only -- the oldest first.  I know some people like to use fresh, but I don't think it's worth the hassle.  He is still getting breast milk.  Every night, I come home and pour my new pumped milk into a jug in the fridge.  Every Friday, I freeze it all into freezer bags.  My DC makes the bottles, so I just bring the frozen bags to day care.

    ETA: he still gets fresh twice a day when he nurses anyway. 

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    My LO wouldn't take a frozen BM bottle when I went back to work(lipase issue so I had to start scalding) BUT when I mixed it with fresh he was fine.  If you want to work through your freezer stash, I would mix it 1:1 with fresh milk.  That way LO is always getting fresh and you're not going to end up with frozen milk that might not get used. 

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