working moms who pump

Up until now I havent had any problems pumping. I have been back to work for a month now but ever since I had 4 days off for Christmas I get a clogged duct in my right breast while i am pumping at work. DS usually pulls them out when I get homeand nurse him and I am not seeing a drop in output but I am concerned that it will cause a deformed duct. Has this happened to anyone? Advice? Thoughts?
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Re: working moms who pump

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    Can you apply heat before or during pumping? That always helps my clogged ducts.
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    I agree with PP.  Try bringing a washcloth with you that you can get wet with warm water. Lay it on your breast as you're pumping.   Maybe store it in a ziploc bag or a wetbag for cloth diapers between pumping sessions.  Also try compressions/massage while pumping.

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    The only thing that loosens my clogged ducts is a sock filled with beans and tied off and then microwaved for a minute. A washcloth and hot water doesn't work for me. Just another suggestion.
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    Massaging the spot always works for me.  If it is really stubborn I'll bring a warm washcloth with me as well.
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