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rolling and play time

Has your LO started to roll yet? If so when did they start to do this?

E is just over 2 months and he is only just started to begin to try roll but he gets so frustrated.
I have friends whos LO's have been rolling from tummy to back at 1mo and and now have another friend whos LO is 3 months and is doing both tummy to back and back to tummy.
I feel like E is a little behind. I know all babies do things on their own time but is their any way to help encourage this? What worked for you?

Also at what age do you but LO in an exersaucer? Again have friends who have LO's around E's age and they are putting them in them already. Not sure if it is too soon for this, or again depends on the baby.

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Re: rolling and play time

  • My LO started rolling at 1month give your LO a lot of tummy time we also would help our LO try rolling E half way and let E do the rest.

     As for the exersaucer we put our LO in at 3 month but she was still not tall enough for it she really started using it at 5 month. it all depends on your baby.

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  • My LO rolled to his side on day 2 or 3 and rolled from back to front and front to back a few days ago. He'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow.

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