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Please teach me to strip my diapers in my HE washer

I need to strip my Fuzzi Bunz sized diapers before LO #2 arrives, but I have never done it in my HE washer. I know many people will say to use Dawn dish soap, but I don't know how much to use. Also, do i put it directly in with the diapers themselves?

I will also be stripping the inserts separately. Is it ok to use a little beach with those? 

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Re: Please teach me to strip my diapers in my HE washer

  • I just put a small spot of dawn straight on the diaper - about the size of a nickel. Wash hot, rinse 3-4 times total.You don't really have to do inserts seperately; you can bleach the whole lot. 1/4 cup in the bleach dispenser.
  • Be careful with the blue dawn in your HE.  It can void manufacturer's warranty if you still have one.  I would try just the bleach first and see if that does it.  As PP said 1/4 cup.  You can use color safe if you have colored diapers.
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  • Were you having problems with the diapers before putting them in storage?

    If not, I would just wash them and use them instead of bothering with stripping. Since stripping is normally done to solve an absorbency or stink issue.

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  • I would either add 1/4 cup of bleach to a regular hot wash cycle, or do one hot wash with detergent followed by multiple rinses/short wash cycles. Depends on how long they've been in storage and how you prepped them for storage.
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