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For those that usually see a temp dip...

Just trying to figure out my first bbt chart...  And noticed a slight temp dip yesterday morning, which I have now read can mean O is imminent.  

This morning my temp spiked which I will obviously have to wait 2-3 more days to confirm O, but now thinking that this slight dip meant my O was approaching.

My question is - for those of you who normally see a temp dip, is this pre-O, or does it mean you are currently ovulating?  I know the temp rise means O has occurred, but not sure I completely understand the dip yet.


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Re: For those that usually see a temp dip...

  • This is my 10th cycle charting, and it's also the only cycle I haven't gotten my O dip the day of O. This cycle I had a dip two days before.
  • Like everything else, it's not the same for every woman. Some women have it on the day of O, some the day before O, maybe 2 days before, and others never see a dip at all.

    The temps are correlated with hormone fluctuations. When the temps drop, estrogen is rising. Estrogen peaks right before O, hence the dip.

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    Edited again because I was still missing some words. Believe it or not, I haven't started drinking yet!

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  • You can't rely on the dip.  You can't know if it means anything until after your ovulation is already confirmed.

    The only reliable thing to look for is a temp shift (with 3 temps that are higher than the previous 6).  Everything else is just guess work. 

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  • Usually for me, the dip means I ovulate that same day. It's different for everyone though.
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