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My LO hasn't pooped in 3 days. How long do your LO's go w/o a BM? When do I call the pedi?  

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    My LO hasn't pooped in 3 days. How long do your LO's go w/o a BM? When do I call the pedi?  

    My pedi told me, and I've also read, that they can get to a point where they're only pooping once a week. I'm not sure if that's rare or the norm, but I would imagine that means three days is totally fine. But, to ease your mind, you may want to just call, anyway.  

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    My DD has pooped only once a week since about 8 weeks. As long as you're still getting plenty of pee diapers, and LO isn't in pain you should be okay. But, when in doubt, call the pedi :

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    My pedi said a week was totally normal. More than that would probably make me nervous.
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    there were 2-3 different times where DD went 10 days without a poop. now that she is older, and on some purees she poops at least once a day. she seemed to grow out of it around 5 months old.
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    There were a few times when DD wasn't eating any food yet that she would go 10 days or so. 
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