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DH and I have tossed around the idea of doing a dairy trial this coming weekend. We decided we would use some frozen milk from before my diet and see if DD2 has a reaction. That way it wouldn't have to clear my system.

When did you trial dairy with your lo? 6 months to me seems soon, but our pedi gi said to give it a try and see how she does. If they reacted, how soon after doing dairy did they have a reaction?  

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Re: MSPI moms...

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    Good luck!  I actually treated myself to desert on Christmas that had butter (we were thinking about testing her anyway).  I can't tell if she had a reaction b/c she also got a nasty cold the next day (there was no skin reaction or blood so that's good at least).  

    Our pedi said to try as we felt comfortable at our 6m visit too.  He would like us to try something before 9m so we can talk about it if needed.  

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    Yep 6 mos is when our GI said he wants us to start challenging. I accidentally had some butter a week ago. LO was super fussy about 4 hours after and had green poo about 8 hours later.
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    I first tried at 7 months, and she got very gassy and fussy within hours.  At 10 months we had success. 
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