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How to Switch Detergents

I am starting to think my LO has a sensitivity to Charlie's Soap. We've been battling minor rash on and off from the beginning. Sunburn-like redness, and sometimes tiny red bumps. At first I thought it was a sensitivity to being wet, so I have become hyper-diligent about changing her frequently and I got fleece liners for overnight, but we still have the rashy issues. 

So the question: I'm going to switch up from Charlie's to RnG or Ecos (I have some of both). Do I have to do anything special before switching--strip/boil the diapers, etc? Oh, and we use primarily PFs with covers. (and if you have any input on the rash and think it's probably not the soap, I'm happy to hear it)


BTW, I figured I'd introduce myself since I know there is a group of CD guru regulars here. I'm Jean, my little one is Linden, 3 months. She's my first! I hang out mostly on the Sept12 board (though my LO was late and came in October). I lurk here for tips and have posted a couple of times! 

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