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How long before temp spike does O occur?

This is my first month ever temping and think I understand most of the basics.  I have expected O (and a temp spike) any day now, and this morning my temp was definitely higher than any of previous temps.  I know I need to wait until I see at least 3 days of higher temps to confirm O, but am thinking this is the first day of that based on CM/CP and previous cycles.

My question is - since I had a temp spike this morning (assuming that IS a post-O spike), would I have definitely O'ed yesterday?  Just trying to figure out approximately how long BEFORE the first temp spike the O occurred...  I know you can't pinpoint it exactly but want to figure out my timing.


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Re: How long before temp spike does O occur?

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    The day after O is when your temp spikes. Like you said, though, you'll have to wait to see if your temp stays up to see if it's a sustained temp shift and not just a random spike.


    This. She took the words right out of my mouth... err, keyboard.

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    Is the temp dip the day of O 100% all the time occurrence  as well? Or does not everyone have that temp dip when they ovulate, before the spike?

    ETA: Clarification

    No, not everyone gets the dip. Personally, I just get a low range of temps for a while before O rather than a significant drop.

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