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Questions about prenatal massage?

Ok ladies! Who here has gotten a prenatal massage? I was given some Christmas money and was told to do something fun with it. I have two curves in my spine from scoliosis and I was considering a prenatal massage in about a month's time. But how do they work? Laying in my somach is already now uncomfortable. Do they do anything differently than a regular massage? Do I need to find someone specially trained in prenatal massage or will a regular massage therapist be able to do this?

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Re: Questions about prenatal massage?

  • I haven't had one but my sister has. Yes, you should find someone trained in prenatal massage. There are actually pressure points in your body that are included in a typical massage that can induce labor during pregnancy, so it's important to find someone who knows what theyre doing. They will most likely have a table with space for your belly. The place my sister went to actually had a big hole in the table where her belly could fit. Lol. Hope you enjoy!
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  • I went for one the week before Jackson was due to come.  Exactly what PP said above is what they did.  I layed on one side w/ a big pillow and then flipped over.  I layed on my back propped up for a short time.  They did massage my feet which I actually requested.  I don't know if I was not as far along as I was if they would have.  The woman was qualified to do prenatal.  It was so nice and I realized I do not go for enough massages.  ENJOY!
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  • I just had one yesterday with a trained prenatal massage therapist. She had me lie on my side with a big pillow under my shoulder and another under my leg. It was a little uncomfortable on my shoulder lying on it for so long, but it did make me feel a little better. I like deeper massages so it wasn't as therapeutic as I hoped, but it sure did help me relax which is something I need with a stressful job. She did not avoid any spots really, but did do lighter on some areas. She spent most of the time working on my back. My OB had said not to go until after 14-16 weeks because of my prior loss, but now in my 3rd tri it was no problem. I am going to schedule a few more before March.
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  • I just had one on Friday and it was amazing!!!!!!! They put special pillows down that make a little hole for your belly and breasts so when you lie on your tummy it is super comfortable. When you turn over onto your back, they sit you up a little so you're not laying down completely flat. Im a huge massage addict and I thought the massage was super relaxing and safe! Im definitely going to get one at least once a monthSmile


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