Help!!! Yeast Infection!!!!

I have a terrible yeast infection.  I tried Monistat 7, however, I had a horrible reaction.  What did you do/take to clear up your yeast infection while still breastfeeding?
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Re: Help!!! Yeast Infection!!!!

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    What kind of reaction did you have? Are you sure you have a yeast infection? Have you had one before? I'd see your OB/GYN. They can make a proper diagnosis and prescribe something that's safe to use. You might be able to just call them and ask them what to use too.
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    I eat yogurt like it's going out of style. A couple of day of eating a lot of yogurt (12-18ozs) usually clears it up depending on the severity of the infection. Those over the counter creams never work for me. In fact, they seem to make everything much worse. Some say that this method is only an old wives' tail but it's the only thing that have ever worked for me. Besides, yogurt is go for you anyway.
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