what brand of domperidone did you order? has Domperon 10, Motilium, and Vomistop they all are domperidon 10mg.  What one have you ordered or tried? Do you think it matters which one to get?
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Re: what brand of domperidone did you order?

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    I've never posted before (long time lurker!) but had to log on to respond to you!

    I bought Motilium first and it worked wonders. Then I ordered Vomistop because it was way cheaper. My milk supply tanked and I couldn't figure out why - I thought it could be AF, something I ate, no idea.

    Then I ordered Motilium again and my supply is back to normal. Inhousepharamacy customer service said the generic works for some and not for others, while the brand (Motilium) works for some and not others. For me, Motilium was the only thing that worked but it may vary for you!


    PS My son is almost 9 months, I have been taking Domperidone since about 3 months.

    DS 4.3.12
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