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Isomil vs Alimentum

First time mom question for all!


my 2.5 month old has been on Alimentum for about a month now. My sis in law said gas and allergies run in the family so we should go on that and the dr agreed. My little guy still has gas and when he farts it smells like he pooped but he really didn't! I'm starting to think I should've just went on isomil instead.  His gas has gotten a lot better since he was born but I think the isomil might be better on his tummy. Ay thoughts/suggestions? I'm all for listening to dr but now I think I should go with my instincts  

Re: Isomil vs Alimentum

  • I'm also a first time mom, and I just switched my 10 week old daughter to Similac Sensitive. She was on Enfamil Newborn, along with several other formulas before that, and had bad gas. I kid you not, she could clear a room. My aunt suggested I try a different formula because the gas might be caused by the lactose. Similac Sensitive has low amounts of lactose in it, and her gas has gotten a lot better. When she does pass gas, it no longer smells and it's a lot less often.

    Your baby's immune system might not be able to break down the lactose yet, and that might be the cause for the smelly gas. Similac Sensitive works really well and might be worth a shot. 

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  • Is the Isomil formula the one with soy?  If your little one has a milk protein allergy, he most likely will be allergic to soy protein, too.

    When you say your baby has gas, do you mean he has painful gas that is causing him to scream in pain and arch his back, etc. or just that he is farting?  If all he is doing is farting, I would not worry about it.  I don't think any formula is going to prevent that.  And my LO is on alimentum and his farts frequently make me think he has pooped, too.

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