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What are you doing tonight?

It's New Year's Eve!  What is everyone doing?  New Year's used to be a big party night for me and DH, but tonight I don't even know if I'll stay up 'till midnight.  I'm hoping to live vicariously through the plans of others, lol.  DS has been sleeping like crap lately and he won't take a bottle, so going out or even having a few drinks at home isn't an option right now Sad

Re: What are you doing tonight?

  • Our next door neighbor is having a party so I may be back and forth trying to have a little fun over there and taking care of LO.  She's been a terrible sleeper lately too.  I have tomorrow off, but I had to get up at 5 this morning for work so I don't know if I'll make it to midnight either.  Who knew we'd be so lame?
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  • With a baby, staying up til midnight is not my idea of a party. Plus we just got back from an international trip, so we're still jet lagging. We'll probably just watch a film together after DD goes to sleep, but we're meeting up with friends tomorrow for brunch.  

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  • I am SO happy to say that we're staying home. We went to a family type party last year that was fun and all, but this holiday season has completely drained me this year. Plus the little one and I are both sick, so we're all just going to stay home, toast with some sparkling apple cider, and play Skylanders Giants (yes... J and I bought ourselves a little kid's game for Christmas! I am not ashamed!)
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  • Our NYE tradition is staying home, and I love it.  Now that we have a 4 week old, maybe I'll watch the ball drop since she's typically up to nurse around midnight haha :)
  • We are starting Insanity tonight. We are both so out of shape, that we will probably celebrate NYE with a trip to the ER. Stick out tongue


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