Follow up from yesterday - more questions!

So after some advice from you ladies yesterday, I pumped for the first time this morning (after our first feed).  LO ate on the right and DH held her while I pumped on the right when she was finished.  By the time I was done pumping, LO wanted to eat on the left, and then I pumped on the left while she was sleeping.

I got about .5oz on the left and .5 to .75 oz on the right.  Kellymom says that one to three ounces total is average, so I'm guessing that even though it looks like hardly anything, it's normal.  Will I eventually pump more than this after the morning feed, or does it stay pretty consistent?  Should I continue to pump right after LO is done eating, or should I give it some time and then pump (like 30 to 60 minutes or something)?

I also want LO to start getting used to taking a bottle (since she will be in daycare full time), and some of my friends have had babies that needed to try A LOT of bottles/nipples before they would take one consistently.  My plan right now is to pump every morning and then have DH attempt to give her that milk in a bottle in the evening.  I'm assuming that if LO is eating out of a bottle, I need to pump at that time - right?  So should I wait to pump until *after* their bottle feed in case she refuses the bottle or needs more to eat?  

I suppose if I'm pumping once in the morning and once in the evening (but she's only doing one bottle feed a day) I'll always be one feed ahead... and that could go in the freezer to start a little stash?  

Thanks ladies, I'm starting to feel like I'm finally in the swing of things :) 

Re: Follow up from yesterday - more questions!

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    You will pump more if you do it every day. You'll also get more if you wait the 30-60 min after a feed. Ideally this early, if you give a bottle you should pump at nearly the same time to keep supply and demand in sync. It might work easiest to wait until after the bottle, just in case. Yes, you may get a bit ahead to freeze. You can combine several pumps if you chill the milk in the fridge before combining.
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    Yes, your 1 to 1.25oz is totally normal for a first pump after a feed.  If you keep pumping around the same time each day & continue to pump for a few minutes after the milk stops flowing your body will get the message that you need more milk at that time.  If I remember right it took about a week of me consistently pumping before I started getting more.

    As PP said it's up to you whether you pump right after LO eats or wait.  You'll get a little more if you wait, but unless you're wanting to get a big stash built up right away I'd do whatever fits yours and LOs schedule better.

    As far as bottles, it really depends on the kid.  Mine took to the first nipple/bottle we tried and that's what we stuck with.  Also, you don't have to give a bottle every night if you don't want to.  We gave one about every three days from 4 weeks PP to 10 weeks PP when I went back to work & LO had no trouble at daycare.

    You definitely do want to pump any time LO eats a bottle to keep your supply up, especially this early.  Once LO is 3 months or so you might be able to get away with skipping a rare feeding with out losing supply.

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