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New Mom nervous about feeding patterns.

Hi everyone....I'm a new mom.  I had my little boy on November 17th and he a little over 6 weeks old.  I started out breastfeeding for the first three weeks of his little life; however, I have a very low milk supply (literally only got an ounce from both breasts) and little man had only gained 5 ounces.  So, we started our formula feeding journey.  First we started with Enfamil for Newborns but he would projectile vomit that.  I was told to dilute his formula a little bit, but then I felt that we were getting to a point that all he was drinking was water.  So the doctor switched us to Similac Sensitive....well that constipated the poor little guy.  We took him into the doctor and she said that he has a milk and protein sensitivity so....we were given the Similac Alimentum RTF.  He was doing "ok" on the Similac Alimentum but spitting up ALOT. We called the doctor again and she said if we really wanted to we could try Enfamil Nutramigen RTF because it can be alittle easier on their sensitive tummies.  So far Enfamil Nutramigen RTF has been working well.  However, he had been eating 3-4 ozs every 4 hrs like clockwork, but all of a sudden when he turned 6 weeks now he eats 2-3 ozs every 2 hrs during the day. He has always been a good sleeper(4-6 hr stretches at night) and eats a full 4 oz bottle at 3:30 a.m. ever day.  Yet, sometimes he will fall asleep while I burp him now only after 2 oz.  People are telling me he is sleeping alot because he is growing but I am nervous that he is not eating enough.  Also, his poop changed color from Similac to Enfamil, it used to be a dark green and now it is about yellowish green or like green pea soup (sorry tmi).  This is just my first child and sometimes I feel lost at what I am doing :/

Re: New Mom nervous about feeding patterns.

  • Different formulas can cause different color poops. A lot of it has to do with the different minerals in the mix. I am a big believer in feeding babies when they seem hungry. They are doing a lot of growing and having growth spurts which will cause hunger and cluster feeding. If you have ?s you can always call your pedi. Also, I would suggest seeking out a pedi allergist or GI if your pedi suspects milk protein sensitivity/allergies. Our pedi allergist was a godsend when DD had a milk protein allergy, especially as they start introducing solids. GL!
  • My dd is on enfamil and her poop is yellow/green.
    I believe 6weeks is a growth spurt and your lo could be coming off of one and getting more settled. It sounds like he is eating a little more during the day. My dd varies with her schedule. Sometimes she will eat in 2hrs or 3hrs or 4hrs if after a nice nap. I let her tell me when she is hungry. And she does good at night too. In the middle of the night, if I dream feed her she will only eat about 2oz.
    Follow your gut. And if your uneasy about it then always call your dr., they can help reassure you. But it sounds like you are doing great!!
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  • As far as poop colors go, my LO's changed when I changed formulas, so I would say that is totally normal and not to worry.

    Sounds like your little guy is eating about the same amount, just a closer intervals, I would just work to stretch them back out. Around 6 weeks there is a growth spurt, and sometimes that can mess with their feeding schedules as well. 

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