Pregnant after a Loss


I finally feel like I can introduce myself!

Backstory: I lost twin boys at 18 weeks due to IC. Got pregnant 3 months later. Had a cerclage placed at 14 weeks as a preventative. Went into PTL at 23 weeks. Was able to stop it and was put on bedrest until my son arrived at 37 weeks. Healthy as can be.  We started trying for our second this year and it only took 2 cycles being off the pill. At 5 weeks I miscarried. Went to the dr and they said I could start trying as soon as I wanted to. Turns out we got pregnant right away. I never got my period again. I have been holding my breath with this pregnancy. We told Family and close friends we were pregnant again because of the great support system that they are.

 Went to the Dr on thursday everything looks good. Sent me for U/S on Sat to try to get a EDD because I never had my period again. Saw my perfect bean on the screen on Saturday with a heartbeat of 179. We are right on track with baby growth. (they did see a second sac in the ultrasound but no fetal pole. Dr explained it as vanashing twin).  We could not be more excited right now that everything is going good.

So that brings me here. I feel like i can finally say we are pregnant. Even though I know we are not out of the woods just yet but its definately let some of my fears ease. Oh. I am 9 weeks today!

 Happy and Healthy 9 months to everyone!!

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    I am very sorry for your previous losses.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am so happy for you to hear that all went well at your first ultrasound. 

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    Congrats and welcome back!

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    Congrats!! It sounds like you've been on a tough road to get here.
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    Congrats and welcome to the board! Wishing you a H&H 9 months!

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    Congratulations and welcome mastabb! I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months here!

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