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CDing with circumcision

Anybody have their son circumcised with a method requiring vaseline afterward?  I have some disposable bummis liners, size small.  Will these work to protect my dipes and fit inside my NB dipes?  What else can I try? TIA

Re: CDing with circumcision

  • We used AD ointment, it was what the hospital gave to use. The gauze pads we put over it were enough to keep it off the diapers
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  • i used Burts Bees Multi Purpose Ointment with sposies until it was healed. but i think Burts bees is CD safe.
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  • We used the Vaseline and the disposables that the hospital gave us for the first few days.  Then we switched to unscented CJs butter and it was fine with his prefolds.
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  • Someone posted a link where a lady said to put a round cosmetic cotton pad on the tip. It saved her diapers. We plan on doing this, and probably some fleece liners that can be tossed if any gets on it.
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