Pregnant after a Loss

Argh! Too many people know!

We are pregnant again, after 2 previous losses. 

This time we have managed to get further than before, and have seen the baby with a good strong heart beat and have good high HCG levels (high enough to stop registering on an HPT!) so things seem to be going well but I am still really really nervous about telling many people until we are out of the 1st trimester. 

But things aren't going to plan on that front.

We've ended up telling a few extra people due to questioning (and I just can not lie, no never) and now my step son has figured it out despite us not telling even him, and has been telling his half sister who told her Dad and his wife, and then he told his Mum who will tell anyone that listens since a lot of her family and friends know both me and her ex (my husband). All people we wouldn't have told until the 2nd trimester.

I know some people think that having people know helps for more support and I'm trying to come from a place of confidence (like my husband) and trust that we will be ok this time, but it just feels so uncomfortable with them knowing, and even being involved if something were to go wrong.

Anyone else struggling with people finding out before you are ready, and feeling unsure about it? 

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Re: Argh! Too many people know!

  • I feel your pain! My DH is in sales and a couple he worked with in the past stopped in to say hello and catch up and he told them we are PG. a bit later in the conversation he realized the woman works in my school district at our Central Office. I really didn't want anyone at work to know because I'm about to bid into a new position for next year and I'm afraid if they know I won't be there for the beginning of the school year they won't give me the position! Not to mention I've been spotting for the last week so I'm pretty scared right now! I guess sometimes there isn't much you can do to keep the cat IN the bag!

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