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Cloth Diapering

CONSIDERING cloth diapers - suggestions?

Only 6 weeks pregnant - but starting to consider these things.  We have a LOT going on in the next 9 months, including moving 3000 miles, so I'm not going to be able to procrastinate on a lot of decisions.  Especially ones (like this) that I'm going to want to research.  Questions - why'd you choose cloth over disposable? What is the EASIEST cloth diaper system?  What's the cheapest?  Any other thoughts or suggestions??  TIA!
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Re: CONSIDERING cloth diapers - suggestions?

  • Why'd you choose cloth over disposable?

     I hate poop.  When I put little E in a disposable she blows out all over everything - her clothes, blankets, whatever she is touching.  With cloth diapering, I don't deal with poop everywhere or multiple clothing changes a day.  I also like that we don't deal with diaper rashes because her butt isn't surrounded by chemicals.  Another bonus - you always have diapers.  We used disposables in the newborn stage and we were always running to the store buying diapers which was annoying.  I also wanted to save money.

    What is the EASIEST cloth diaper system?

    I started out using all-in-one  one-size diapers.  I thought it would be the easiest being a working mom.  However, I hate my all-in-one diapers.  I honestly prefer pocket diapers.  I like that I can customize the absorbency that I put into the diaper.  I also hate folding laundry, but I don't mind doing diapers.  It is super easy and doesn't take long.  You could always try a diaper trial and see which type you like best before spending a great deal of money.

    What's the cheapest?

    I could be wrong - I think the cheapest are prefolds with covers.  Anyway you cloth diaper you will save money over buying disposables.  Unless of course you become a cloth diaper junkie and can't stop buying cute prints. 

    Any other thoughts or suggestions??

    I knew before Ellie was born that I wanted to cloth diaper. Ellie is our first baby, so it seemed we were so busy figuring everything out that we didn't start cloth diapering until month 3.  The other reason is that I didn't want to buy newborn cloth diapers.  I just waited until she fit into the one size diapers I purchased.  I know many people start right from birth, but that would have been overwhelming to us.  If you need time, take time.   

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  • I chose cloth mainly for money reasons. Just graduated college and wasn't able to find a job before I started showing too much to hide. It's a blessing really b/c I can stay home with baby as long as we're able financially (thinking 6 months). So since I'll be a stay at home mommy this helps us save money and I don't really have an excuse like not enough time (though I'll probably still use it lol). I thankfully managed some awesome black friday deals to get us diapers really cheap. And since it's our first child and we do plan for more it's a great investment. 

    ETA: Hubby also was tested for allergies, he's allergic to at least 15 different environmental things and that's just what they tested for. So it just made since to go with something natural over all the crazy crap that's in disposables.

    While we have yet to actually use our diapers we chose to mainly go with Best Bottoms b/c they seemed the easiest to us with the cheapest cost. Nicki's Diapers has a "complete" kit that's supposed to have everything you need from birth to potty training with Best Bottoms for $410. That being said, most will tell you newborns just don't fit into one-size systems. So, so we've also picked up some Thirsties size 1 covers and infant prefolds. This was the cheapest way to cloth a newborn for the longest amount of time. Over the weeks I've also ordered items I've found on sale including some Thirsties AIOs, Bumkins covers and AIOs. And I just ordered some Imagine fitteds with my rewards points from Nicki's Diapers. 

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  • I knew I wanted to use cloth before I got pregnant. I really loved the environmental aspect as well as having more control over what was on my baby's skin. The deciding factor with DH, though, was definitely the cost benefit.

    This may sound like a cop-out, but the easiest system is actual different for each person. FOR US, pockets/ai2s are easiest during the day and fitteds with wool are easiest for night. We don't have good outdoor space to line dry, and our basement (with our laundry room) is pretty humid most of the time, so aios were out of the question since they took days to dry. We used prefolds for the newborn phase and really loved them, but DS is sensitive to moisture, so it's better if he wears something with fleece or suedecloth against his skin. Also, he started soaking through prefolds super fast, and I like that I can wait 2 hours to change him with pockets as opposed to the hour with prefolds. We started using wool at night because it breathes a little more and DS's bum is MUCH happier in it.

    I'm 99% certain that prefolds and covers are the cheapest.

    Consider buying used, and think about trying a few different options. I started collecting my stash when I was about 5 months pregnant, and it made the initial investment a little easier (since we could spread out the cost). I also wound up doing a little selling and buying once DS was out of the newborn phase and we figured out what really worked best for us.

    HTH :) 

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  • Why Cloth?  At first I chose cloth over disposibles because of the cost savings and now it's that plus that it's great for the environment.  Plus, colors and prints are really cute!

    Easiest cloth diaper system? For me right now, it's pockets.  They are great for my H and I love that I can adjust the absorbancy for daytime, naps, or night time.  I really like prefolds and covers too though but I only have a handful because I know they aren't the preference of my H.  I thought I wouldn't like them but I love them!

    The cheapest system is prefolds/flats and covers.  I would honestly make prefolds at least half my stash if my H didn't seemed overwhelmed with changing them.

    My best suggestion is try a variety of diapers.  I thought I wouldn't like prefolds but it turns out I do.  Buy enough of a stash so you can comfortably do laundry every other day.  I am still building my stash because I found that I need more diapers to wash every other day comfortably.

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  • I have a stash of mostly pockets which are easiest for daycares and babysitters. But as the person who does the laundry, I find prefolds & covers the easiest. If you want to try it out with a basic stash before investing in the whole lot - I'd recommend getting half a dozen covers from Alva or Kawaii, a dozen prefolds, and whatever pack of pockets are on sale at the time. You can try it out over a weekend or two, see what works for you, then order the rest of what you need.

    It's good you're thinking about it so far in advance so you can keep an eye out for awesome sales and the 3 week shipping time for Kawaiis & Alvas won't be an issue for you. 

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  • 1. We chose cloth over disposables primarily due to cost. I SAH and we're always looking for ways to make it even easier to live on just DH's income. Once I started researching cloth though, I was really swayed by the chemicals in disposables.

    2. One-size all-in-one's is probably the textbook answer. I prefer one-size pockets since you can customize the absorbency for awake time, naps, and night time. And pockets are just as easy to change as AIO's.

    3. Prefolds and covers are definitely the cheapest. They have more of a learning curve though. However, there are cheaper pocket diapers out there (vs BumGenius, FuzziBunz, etc). Kawaii and Alva are two popular brands. I really like my Kawaii's. 

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  • Why'd you choose cloth over disposable?

    For us the main reason was cost.  Over time it just made sense financially for us to make the initial investment into cloth and stick with it.  Another factor was wasted.  We did use disposables for the first week or so due to my son's circumcision and I couldn't believe the amount of trash we created.  It was gross.  

    What is the EASIEST cloth diaper system?

    For me, it is fitteds and covers.  I like that I can just take the diaper off, air dry the cover, put on a new diaper and slap the cover it back on.  I can also adjust the absorbency as I need to for overnight.  We use Blueberry One Size Coveralls, which are great.  I have 6 and know that I probably won't need to invest in buying any more. 

    What's the cheapest?  

    I would say the cheapest is prefolds and covers, which I also use frequently.  They are easy to prep, easy to wash and easy to store.  I think they do a great job for diapering.  Once you get the hang of folding the diaper, it becomes second nature.  We use the jellyroll fold due to my son's explosive poo, and I have never had a blowout.  

    Any other thoughts or suggestions??

    It may take you some time to find what really works for you.  I am over 3 months in and only recently have really decided what I like and what I don't.  A lot of it was trial and error.  I have some really nice BG AIOs that I thought I would love because everyone else does!  Aside from my Freetime, I hate them all.  They take FOREVER to dry.  Whereas my fitteds and prefolds take no time at all.  I don't mind pockets, but I am always forgetting to take the inserts out before they go in the wash, so you can chalk that up to user error.  :)  I have also gravitated towards using more natural fibers - cotton, hemp, and bamboo.  And it is definitely easier and sometimes cheaper to find these natural fibers in a fitted or prefold.  I have definitely felt the need to splurge on a few occasions.  The first was for a Swaddlebees Simplex AIO.  LOVE it.  The second was for a couple Tot Bots Bamboozle fitted diapers.  LOVE them for overnight diapering.  And as I have already mentioned, I have 6 Blueberry Coveralls and those are definitely on the higher end of cost. But I tried the Thirsties and Bummis and while I liked them okay, the Blueberrys just fit my son better and I liked that they were one size.


    Good Luck!

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  • Thank you SO much for all of these fantastic and detailed answers!  You ladies are so helpful!
    TTC since Aug 2011, RE since May 2012. Dx: PCOS,endo, postprandial hypoglycemia DH: SA 1 - low everything, 2- low everything, 3 - good, but WBC, 4 - lost and/or damaged at lab, 5 - low everything July - Letrozole + TI = BFN Aug - letrozole #2 + TI = BFN Sep - NEW RE!! YAY!!!! Move to IVF w/ICSI - ER on Nov 28 - 34 eggs! 2 day report - 26 successfully fertilized! 13 of 26 frozen at 3 days. 5dt of 2 best remaining eggs! BFP on HPT 6dp5dt Beta #1 10dp5dt-471 Beta #2 13dp5dt - 1250
  • Welcome! Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Why cloth?

    At first, it was a cost-motivated decision. I honestly have no idea how people afford disposables. After using cloth (and using sposies on a trip) I have no idea how people tolerate them. They simply are not as effective as cloth diapers. A good diaper needs to contain poop and disposables are simply not reliable in this regard.

    Which is easiest?

    This really depends on a lot of factors. In theory an AIO diaper is easiest because it's just one piece like a sposie. Personally I find them difficult because they aren't absorbent enough for my heavy wetter and they take forever to dry. So for me, they are not the easiest at all. If I had to pick a universally easy system, I would say pockets. Once they are stuffed, they go on like a disposable. They dry quickly and the absorbency can be customized. But, if you end up hating stuffing pockets, they wouldn't be the easiest.


    Prefolds & covers. I also find this system pretty easy. As a PP mentioned, PFs & covers have more of a learning curve, but I love how easy the laundry is. Natural fibers just wash better than synthetic.

    Other thoughts?

    One size (OS) diapers will not fit most newborns, despite manufacturer claims of a true 'birth-to-potty' fit. DD was an average birth weight baby and she fit her OS pockets at 6-8 weeks (6 for aplix, 8 for snaps). 

    What you think you will like before your LO arrives and what you end up liking might be totally different. I thought my favorite types would be in order: pockets, AIOs, fitteds, prefolds. In reality they are prefolds, fitteds, pockets, AIOs.

    Lurk here and ask more questions as you have them!

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