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share your wash routine for prefolds!

My due date is fast approaching and I'm afraid I don't even know how to wash the prefold diapers that I plan on using for the newborn stage. (I have GMD newborn and size small) Please tell me what to do?

Also, do i wash the covers separately?


Re: share your wash routine for prefolds!

  • Cold pre-rinse, hot wash with 2 scoops Tiny Bubbles, then cold rinse.  That's it.  I wash my covers and prefolds together.  (Prepped the prefolds separately with about 5 washes first.). Also, I only dry the prefolds in the dryer and hang up the covers to dry.
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  • I prepped the prefolds by themselves (4-5 washes & put in dryer cus it helps fluff them up between washes)

    I had to experiment A LOT when I first started washing my CDs to find the right routine.  I have a top loading HE washer so I tried adding a wet towel to the load to increase water amount but I've since ditched that and use the "bulky items" wash (with hot water & extra rinse) after the preliminary rinse.  I also had to experiment with the amount of detergent.  I started small but because of our hard water, had to keep increasing so now I use up to the #1 line on the Tide scoop for about 20 diapers.

    My drying routine depends on the weather & what time of day I washed the diapers.  I'll line dry everything if the weather is ok, aiming for sunny hours if I have some stains to get out.  But other times I'll throw everything in the dryer.  I split my drying time into 2 shorter cycles & remove the 2 pocket diapers, any covers & the pail liner from the dryer after the first cycle, then keep drying the prefolds, MF inserts & cloth wipes until they're all the way dry.

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  • After the diapers are used, we do a quick rinse under the tap and throw in a dry diaper pail. Every three days or so I put all dirty diapers and covers on a cold prewash to get out any nasties, and then do a hot cycle with zero residue detergent and a second hot rinse. All diapers then go in the tumble dryer on low heat. Has worked well for us so far for our prefolds and pockets!
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