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Sore abdomen 4 weeks later??

Wondering if anyone experienced this stuff after a first or second csection...

My bleeding stopped about a week after this time, but came back a few days ago with a vengeance. And now it's off and on heavy with some mucusy stuff mixed in. Also, my incision isn't sore anymore, but I'm still super sore from my incision up to my belly button. Could this be an internal infection, or do I just not remember it being like this last time???

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Re: Sore abdomen 4 weeks later??

  • I'm still sore in that same area as well. This was a RCS and I don't remember that from last time but I also have a 35lbs toddler I have been lifting. I plan on asking my doc about it at my 6 week appt. 
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  • This was my 2nd cs as well. I find that if I do too much (lifting laundry baskets, housework, picking up DD) that my bleeding increases. I was also really sore on one side (not the incision area, but an area to the left) and the dr said it could be from scar tissue from the previous c/s. I know with a toddler it's hard to relax and take it easy but try to avoid as much lifting as possible.
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  • I bleed for 2-3 months after my c-section, and was sore  till almost up to 6 months after. Everyone is different and every c-section is different but if you think something is wrong then you should see your Dr.
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  • I am almost 6 weeks pp and sore from my incision to my belly button.  The incision healed really well and I only have light spotting. I notice the soreness is worse if I overdue it (lifting laundry baskets, carrying groceries, etc.) I have my pp appointment on Wednesday and will definitely inquire then.  At least I am not the eonly one
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  • I have the sore abdomen from belly button to incision as well at 2 weeks pp. I thought it was weird that the incision site isn"t sore but above it where there is seemingly no reason is too tender to have any waistband against.
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