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Please critique my wash routine

So my twin girls are just fitting into the newborn sized cloth diapers I bought. I did my first  load and now they don't smell very fresh. Not like ammonia, just...stinky. I washed my kawaii pure and naturals, bumgenius AIO newborns, and swaddlebees simplex  all together, and did a cold rinse followed by a hot wash, with two tablespoons of rockin green. What am I doing wrong?  

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Re: Please critique my wash routine

  • They should smell like nothing.  Otherwise they are not clean.

    Are you doing a pre-wash/rinse without detergent?  You may need to increase your detergent a little.  Also, I think some people have had issues with Rock'n Green with certain water types.

    a typical wash routine would be

    warm pre-rinse no detergent

    hot wash w/ detergent

    extra cold rinse

    Do you have a top loader or a HE front loader?  Front loaders sometimes need extra water added to them so that they can get the diapers clean.

    I've had to do this since changing machines.

    Also, how many diapers are you putting in a load?  around 15-20 seems to be optimal.


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  • We have a top loader and use Planet Wise detergent.

    Cold rinse.
    Hot wash with detergent.
    Cold rinse.

    Haven't had issues yet. Maybe more detergent?
  • I totally had a stink issue with Rockin Green.  Switched to Country Save and have not had any further problems.  I adjusted my wash routine based on some suggestions I received here to the following (I have a HE FL):

    Quickwash: Cold/Cold

    Normal Wash: Hot/Cold

    Quickwash: Warm/Warm

    I use about half of the recommended amount of detergent and put in no more than 15 diapers per wash cycle.  I also add a soaking wet towel to the Normal Wash cycle to ensure that enough water gets in there to rinse out the soap.  

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  • I washed 16 diapers approximately 24 hours after using the first diaper. I have a top loader. I will try using more detergent and if that doesn't work, maybe I will change detergents. Thanks for the advice!
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