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C-Section and PP Pads

Hello ladies,

Which maxi pads are the best post partum after a c-section?

I am assuming dry-weave and/or always is still okay since I wont be having a natural birth.


Thank you!

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Re: C-Section and PP Pads

  • I just bought the Target brand super absorbancy. After a few days PP I was able to switch over to panty liners.
  • I had a c-section and use target brand overnight pads.  They work just fine...I usually use always infinity for my periods but they are so expensive and with as much as I go through right now it's better on our tight budget.  I also made sure to take the hospital pads home with me which were wonderful.
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  • Pp bleeding isn't from how you deliver. I had a c section, and bled like a stuck pig for 8 weeks. I used hospital pads as long as I could, then switched to overnights.
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  • I used the ones from the hospital for the first few days then the always overnight after that.
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  • For my cs, I used the ones provided in the hospital and was pretty much done bleeding when I was discharged. Everyone is different.

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  • Honestly? I use Depends :)
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  • Tena or depends. Amazing absorbancy!
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  • I used Always Overnights as well! They were absorbent and not as bulky as other ones.
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  • I used always Infinity, and they worked well for the few heavy days I had, otherwise I was just able to use panty liners for the rest.
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