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Bamboo and cotton?

I've been using cotton prefolds and just ordered some Grovia prefolds made from bamboo and cotton. Can I prep these with my other cotton prefolds? I was thinking to save money I'd throw these in with the dirty cotton prefolds thru 3 washes then they'd be prepped, or should I prep them seperate? Also, once prepped, they can be washed together right? TIA!

Re: Bamboo and cotton?

  • I wouldn't prep new dipes while washing old ones, but you can boil them instead. After they're prepped there is no problem washing them all together.
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  • Don't prep with dirty diapers. You can prep with other household laundry - just wash your sheets with the diaper detergent. After the first 1-2 washes, then you can throw them in with the other diapers. They'll get better up to 8 washes or so, but you can use them before then.
  • I would wash them with towels or soemthing similar the first few times...really with anything as long as you're using CD safe detergent. After that, just throw them in with everything. They will be somewhat absorbant enough after 3-4 washes but not fully absorbant until more like 8-10. Instead of the initial washings, you could also boil them for 20 minutes, then do one wash/dry cycle. After you start using them, you can definitely wash them with all your other diapers. Good luck! Hope you love them!
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