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c section- can i take a bath yet?

My dr gave me no instructions re: bathing. I had a c section 4 weeks ago. Do you think I can take a quick bath? 

I miss my baths!!!


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Re: c section- can i take a bath yet?

  • I was told no baths until after the 6 week checkup. This may be a doctor preference, rather than an across the board thing, though. I'd wait until tomorrow and call your doc's office and ask.
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  • I'd wait until you receive the "It's ok to stick things in your vag" clearance :) Right now you can't have sex or use tampons because you could introduce bacteria and that risk is still there with a bath so I'd hold off.
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  • I was told a sitz bath is ok but to wait on the full bath which sucks because I know it would help with my back pain.  So for now I'd stick with showers or call and ask your dr
  • I would say no, not yet. The risk of introducing bacteria that may be floating in the water into your incision is too risky. I'd wait until your six week check up.

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