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H: Enfamil, W: Similac

Hey, remember all this stuff? Figured I would try you guys before I try my BMB.  Lots of us have new babies, after all!

I have a pack of enfamil checks, a free sample canister, and 4 single serve samples.  I would like some similac stuff if you have it!

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Re: H: Enfamil, W: Similac

  • Jilly!  I just got a similac sample pack!  It has 2 tubs (I think) of formula, and either $20 or $30 in $5 coupons.  I don't need anything for it, so I will just mail it out to you!  Big Smile  Yay!  A good home for it!

  • Oh cool! Are you sure you don't want anything in return?  Do you use playtex drop in bottles?I have a whole box of them, minus one, that B didn't like, but I can't return it now. Let me know if you (or anyone else) can use them!
    photo IMG_6758_zps3fe7e628.jpg
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