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Switching to just a sippy...

....during the day. Getting ready for my lil guy to turn the big n?mero UNO!! Starting the transition of adding a little WCM with his formula in the sippy cups(pedi said its okay). Some days are good, some days not so good. I still let him have a bottle at night, but with only formula in it. 


Just curious what other moms are doing or what has worked for you ladies? FTM here :)  

Re: Switching to just a sippy...

  • I have been trying to do 1 sippy a day, but sometimes slack on that.  What are your favorite sippies?  We have a nuby, and he'll take it and drink out of it, but is very messy with it.  I need to get better at reinforcing the sippy, and having him use it more. 
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  •   He takes these really well.


    My husband slacks on the weekends when I work and he just gives him bottles. Sometimes he throws his sippy on the ground and has a tantrum, but I try not to give in right away. 

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  • We just started offering a sippy cup ate each meal. The girls are on WCM now so I would put 8 ounces of milk in a sippy cup, let them drink as they were eating, then put whatever is left is the fridge and offer it again before nap/bed time. In the beginning they wouldn't drink most of it so I would eventually dump the rest in their bottles and finish that way. They started getting better and better at it and I put their bottles away last week. It took about 3 weeks, but I liked doing it that way rather then switching cold turkey. 

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  • We started a sippy cup around 7 months with just water or diluted juice to get her used to it. She takes it like a champ now. Still give b/m in a bottle when I'm away but mostly nurse and sippy cups.
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