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My husband told me about a dream he had...

(warning- caused me to cry so it may cause tears)

 If you knew my husband you would know he is not one to ever talk about his feelings and in general doesn't talk very much at all. It meant so much to me that he told me his dream. It took him several days to tell me about it after having this dream.

He said he dreamed our little girl was born and he was holding her tight to his chest. While clinging to her in his dream he was sobbing the saddest tears he ever cried and looking up to heaven telling our son he loves and misses him and will never forget him.

okay.. I'm crying again.

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Re: My husband told me about a dream he had...

  • Wow, just wow. ((HUGS)) to you and your sweet husband.
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  • Awwww....gave me chills. What a sweet DH.
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  • That is so sweet.
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  • Oh, hon that is so sweet and so sad at the same time.  You've got me tearing up here.  

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  • K you totally got me. Like real tears falling hard. He's a keeper.

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  • Yep. Made me cry! How sweet!!
  • This is so amazing! Definitely a premonition.

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