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Sesame Street

So our house is almost exclusively run by Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins, so I was a bit surprised when I turned on Sesame Street this evening (it's on right now actually). They just spoofed Glee! It's just a little weird because Glee is NO where near appropriate for kids, yet they did a scene with all the Glee characters. Now obviously no 2 year old would know Glee, so I assume they did it for the parents? I love Glee as much as the next person, but totally thought it was weird to be on Sesame Street!
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Re: Sesame Street

  • They also did a Boardwalk empire spoof.
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  • image erind0213:
    They also did a Boardwalk empire spoof.
    Funny, I was just going to say the same exact thing. I was watching that one w/ DS & called MH into the room to come check it out. They do a lot of skits w/ more adult-oriented celebrities, etc. There was of course that Katy Perry skit controversy & I think even Madonna was on a long time ago.

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  • Not to mention the entire cast of How I Met Your Mother ;)
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  • And 30 Rock.  It's totally how I can tolerate watching Sesame Street at any time. I think it's genuinely funny and works on so many levels.  I think the same of all of the Muppet Movies. It's also why I cannot even put on something like Yo Gabba Gabba. Yo Gonna Hit My Head On a Wall.
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  • They've spoofed several other shows, including Mad Men too... but in the Sesame Street version, it was more about emotions.  But they were all dressed in the dress of the same era and stuff.

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