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Switching OB's late in the game

Hi I am asking for a friend who is dealing with an Ob who "cant deliver" vbacs at her local hospital due to lack of 24 hour emergency services. I have experience with vbac and some other things that she has said lead me to believe she is not vbac friendly to begin with.

I called around to some other offices to see if they take patients at 30 weeks and they said no because of common courtesy to the other OB. Has anyone dealt with this before?  

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Re: Switching OB's late in the game

  • With my last, my OB did not perform VBACs. However, they referred me to another practice that did. I met with an OB from the practice once during my pregnancy and then delivered at their hospital. It worked out great because I did my prenatal care right down the street and was still able to have a successful VBAC. This time my practice is performing VBACs, so it makes my life easier! Good luck!
  • I facilitate a VBAC Support Circle, and 90 percent of my clients switch providers late... after 28 weeks, when they find out their doc isn't a supportive as they led on. Women always have the right to choose their provider...and switch providers. I have even had a woman fire her OB while in labor!!!

    If your friend isn't receiving the care she wants and needs, then I would encourage her to seek another doc or midwife. Meeting with the provider sharing her story, her reasonings, and her research can often help. If she switches, especially this late, neither provider gets paid as much if they followed her the whole pregnancy, but that shouldn't be a reason to refuse care.

    If your friend can't find someone to switch to, and there is a VBAC friendly hospital around, she has the option to hire a doula, labor at home and simply go into the ER and have the on call doc attend.

    You always have options...and the power to do what is best for you!
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  • VBAC or not, I'd never deliver at  hospital that doesn't have 24 hour emergency care.  What happens when a first time mom has a placental abruption or cord prolapse???  A uterine rupture is less likely to happen yet they don't turn away the women who are at risk of the other issues (AKA- all other laboring women).

    She has the right to change doctors if she feels that isn't the best place to go.  I know people who have changed at 35 weeks, so that isn't an issue.  Perhaps the other doctor isn'VBAC friendly and doesn't want her as a patient?  She should just tell the new doctor that she is no longer comfortable with her last doctor and is unwilling to see him/her anymore.  Or keep looking.  Someone will pick her up. 

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  • I switched OBs at 30wks. It was due to an insurance change, but they didn't ask why. Maybe lie and use that? It turned out for the better since my first dr also wasn't as supportive of VBAC as I'd thought.

    If I was her, I wouldn't go into details about why she's switching. I'd just ask if they do VBACs and then schedule. If they ask, she needs to deliver at this hospital and her current dr doesn't deliver there.
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