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Hello ladies,

I'm still in my first trimester and was wanting to get a good book about baby's first year and I figured you all would be the best ones to ask! So what book(s) did you find most helpful and do you still use it as a guide?  I don't want anything too simple; I want more than the basics.  Also, I consider myself pretty "middle of the road" as far as parenting styles. any input is appreciated! thanks for the help!

         Baby C - 08.23.13

Re: Baby Book

  • "Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality"

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!
  • I read what to expect the first year. Also, for when she got older when researching food, Baby Led Weaning and Child of Mine. For sleep I read No Cry Sleep solution, but it didn't work for me.
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  • Baby Bargins, breast feeding made simple, and baby whisper were my go to books. Good luck and congrats!

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  • Thanks so much for the suggestions! I really appreciate the input!
             Baby C - 08.23.13
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