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Has anyone ever done their registry through Amazon? And was it a good experience? I thought it may get complicated and some of the vendors change their prices often. Thank in advance.

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  • A friend suggested I make mine through Amazon as it's "easier" but I found that like you said the pricing changes all the time. And I have a lot of computer illiterate family and friends who would much rather go into a store and touch something before spending money on it.

    So I wound up making my registry on Target because it's very budget friendly for those who do want to bring gifts and I have to keep updating it because I'm finding more and more stuff at consignment shops and via 2nd hand that are just as good as brand new so the registry is dwindling ever smaller before the shower even arrives. 

  • I did, but it wasn't exclusive. I only told people who asked where I was registered that were tech-savvy (e.g. not my relatives). It wasn't listed on the invites, just the brick and mortar store.

    DH's coworkers mostly ordered off it and it seemed to be no problem. Although I did receive one "mystery gift" as the receipt indicated the sender had ordered hdmi cables, when we received the requested cloth diapers. I found out 6 months later who had sent it to me.

    From the other side, a friend registered from Amazon for her wedding and I really liked being able to see what she thought she really wanted vs. what was nice to have. And considering I couldn't attend her wedding, I didn't mind paying shipping charges since I was going to anyway, although that can be a concern for some guests.

    Short story long, it might get complicated, but I'd register a couple different places anyway. And if you don't have a BRU or BBB, Amazon might be a good choice.

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  • I've started a registry on Amazon.  I think it's way easier for folks.  I usually end up ordering my gifts online anyway after many frustrating trips to Target and BRU for shower gifts (then finding out what I wanted wasn't at that store).  And many Amazon items have free shipping plus the prices are better (as is the selection) than what I saw at BRU or Target. Most people coming to my shower are tech savvy enough to order online (except my mom who can turn to my sister for help).  

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  • I've only ordered from an on-line store about 5 times in my life.  Some of my friends refuse to put their credit card info out there (some won't even use a credit card!!!).  You might want to register at a brick and mortart store for those types of people.   You can still do Amazon as well.  It is nice to give guests options.
  • Loved my amazon registry! I also registered at BRU for those that want to shop in person, but I received just about all 50 items off of my amazon registry.

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  • I started an amazon registry because I found some things to be cheaper, like the travel system we want. I also plan to register at Target for those who don't shop online. I would prefer to do it all in one place but want to give people options.
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  • I have a Babies R Us registry and one from Amazon.  I love the Amazon registry, even though I only have 25-30 items on it.  I found that even though the prices might change on some items, they typically stay lower thant BRU.  I also love their Thank You feature!! 

    ETA:  Our Amazon registry was most popular with people who couldn't make the shower and sent gifts instead.


  • I registered on Amazom - loved it!

    I also registered at BRU - hated it.

    Gifts received were split 50/50 from each store. Bottom line is that it worked well to have both online and in-store options.  And if you are going to shop online, amazon is more friendly, IMO.

    Amazon registry also creates a thank you list for you that shows who purchased what AND provides their address for TY notes.  Brilliant!  Why doesn't BRU do this?  Becuase they suck.

  • I'm doing an amazon registry and putting notes on the items that they can get in brick and mortar stores. I'm putting "also available in-store at Babies R Us, don't forget to "reserve this item" to purchase it elsewhere"

    I'm hoping people understand it!

    I find that amazon is almost always cheaper than BRU and Target. I'm also notating if they can get it at WalMart too.  Little more research on my part but if it saves people money, I'm all for it. Plus I love the variety of amazon!

    Shopping for baby showers in the past... I always hated that I could get an item for tons cheaper somewhere besides where they registered!

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  • We registered at Amazon and BRU. We haven't had any issues with Amazon so far (my family had a shower for us already, and DH's family is hosting another next weekend). We have, however, had a few mishaps with BRU. Also, Amazon had slightly better prices on some items.
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  • The pricing does change, but very slightly. It's very easy for people who maybe don't live by one of your selected baby stores, offers free shipping on most things, and is often cheaper than other stores you may be registered at.

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