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  • 5-8 minutes now. He's so distracted during the day, it's hard to get him to focus for any longer than that. He still nurses every 3-4 hours during the day and sometimes every 2/2.5 hours at night (I think he's still going through a growth spurt and the holidays messed him up). Nighttime nursing is still done in around 5 minutes, and that's nursing on BOTH sides. He cries if I try to put him down after only one side.
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  • 5 minutes if we are lucky.  I love nursing... but nursing a 9 month old is a war zone in my house. He tries to crawl away latched on.  I had cracked nipples last week.  Sometimes I pump and bottle feed just to get a break. 


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  • Sounds about right. Thanks!
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  • 5 minutes usually max

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  • 5 minutes.  I'm totally convinced that the whole reason she is nursing so much at night (about every 2 hours) is because she just doesn't eat enough during the day.  I try to offer her the boob multiple times during the day but she is just too busy.  She's also not totally into solids.
  • 5 minutes. He has aways been a quick eater.


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  • DS is 10m, but he nurses for about 5-10 minutes but he's not actively sucking the whole time. He's on & off constantly.
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