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A Water Birth at Coral Springs Medical Center?

Maybe I'm jumping the gun here a bit. I'm only 9 weeks along, but I'm OCD and like doing a ton of research in advance.

My nearest hospital, and one of the ones my OB/GYN works at is CSMC. I hear that CSMC has started doing water births recently in their L&D rooms. I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this so I could get an insider's opinion. Also, I want to know if you paid for it yourself, or if it was partially or completely covered by your insurance. I have Aetna, which unfortunately frowns upon home births (my original plan) but I disdain hospitals and the myriad drugs they try to push on you (I used to work in healthcare, so I know how that works). So a natural water birth in the hospital seemed like a good compromise.

Anyone done this and can give me a heads up on whether it was a good experience? Thanks!

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Re: A Water Birth at Coral Springs Medical Center?

  • I haven't done a water birth, but my doctor is in the same hospital group as CSMC and she frequently does water births at broward general. The OB/GYN and hospital fees, at least for me, are exactly the same. The cost of the tub is NOT covered, but my doctor gave me a flyer from amazing births in delray that says that setup, use and removal is $200 total, so it's not insanely expensive, either, and since you'll be birthing in a hospital, there's no cleanup for you afterwards.
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  • Hello faerieprincess87 I know this is a very old post but I am in a similar situation. I have Aetna but I am interested in a water birth. I can't find anything about coverage for that in my plan information. Did you find a facility to have a waterbirth? My Ob/Gyn also has hospital affiliations at Coral Springs but I didn't want to have my baby there. I am trying to find out if Northwest Medical Center as she also uses that facility and I think it is a very nice hospital. I am trying to find out if it offers water births but right now it doesn't look that way.
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  • Oh, well I just now noticed your photo so CONGRATULATIONS! Any help you can offer me would be very much appreciated.
  • Hello,

    I am only 12 weeks on Tuesday, but am starting to think about this as well. My Dr also delivers at CSMC. This might be a silly question, but I have no idea. Can you still have an epi if you do a water birth? I have been considering a water birth too. I imagine it would have to be a walking epi....anyone heard of this?
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