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Can I thank you again?

I'm sitting here thinking about how crazy this year was with DH having cancer, getting pg, and with my best friends baby facing health issues. It made me take stock and I was struck all over again by how awesome people can be, and specifically the support and kindness I got from the ladies on this board. It has really meant the world to me. DH is doing so well now and his hair is growing back, and our 2nd DD will be here sometime soon. Life is pretty amazing.

I will ask for some extra thoughts and prayers for my BFF and her daughter who will arrive on Thursday. I'll probably be posting a lot on here that day as I kill time in the LD waiting room. If all goes well I may even get to visit her girl in the NICU on Friday morning.

In conclusion, you all rock. I hope you have very happy holidays with your families. Big Internet hugs to all!

posting from phone so forgive typos

Re: Can I thank you again?

  • It makes me feel so happy to hear that your DH is doing well. And, your friend will definitely be in my thoughts. hugs
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  • So glad to hear YH is doing well, and big thoughts for your BFF and her LO.
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  • Love to hear things are well! I agree... this board is truly amazing. The support is sometimes overwhelming. 

    Lots and lots of love to you and yours :)  



    Labor Buddy to Jillybean800! :)
  • =)  *Hugs*

    T&P to your friend. 

  • Yay! I'm so glad things have turned around for you guys!
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  • You've definitely had your share of crap this year! Wishing you (and your friend) a healthy, uneventful 2013!!!
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  • I am so happy things are going better for you and your family. Continued T&P for your friend and her baby.

    Happy holidays!

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  • Hugs all around!!!

    I'm so glad to hear your DH is doing better.  We'll be thinking of your friend and her little girl and hoping for the best.  

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