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What are you feeding baby?

Hi mamas! I haven't been on here basically since I gave birth, because, well, everything has been relatively easy until now. Relatively! :) But now that she is on the move, everything is getting much, much harder! So anyway, what are you feeding your baby, as far as foods. For those who have been bottle feeding, are you still doing formula? Or just baby food feedings and water/juice or milk? I feel like I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing!

Re: What are you feeding baby?

  • Formula, Boobs and water to drnk
    oatmeal, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, pumpkin, squash and chicken, apples, pears, banana and peaches to eat.

    about to try potatoes and beef.

    all pureed and home made..except the oatmeal.
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  • He is drinking formula and eating purees. He also likes oatmeal. I give him water but not really juice. I only give juice if he is really constipated. I just follow his ques. Once he seemed ready for solids I started to make them. The only time I didn't follow his lead is when he grabbed the chicken leg off my plate...that was mommy's food!
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  • I'm still BFing so he has BM and water to drink.  Babies are supposed to have either formula or BM until at least one year old - that is when cow's milk can be introduced.

    To eat, he has had green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, chicken, avocado, apples, pears, peaches, bananas, wheat toast, whole grain crackers, Cheerios.. I think that's it.  All fruits and veggies have been cooked with the exception of bananas and avocado.

    We're going to try ham for the first time on Christmas.  Everything has been homemade (except the bread, crackers and Cheerios).  We do a combination of purees and finger foods.  He can pick up peas, pieces of green beans, pieces of apples, etc., but I still also do a good amount of purees (particularly when time is a factor - it's just so much faster and cleaner!) 

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  • We plan on doing formula until 1 year, unless the pedi suggests otherwise.  We did homemade baby food purees until about a week or two ago...now she just eats whatever we eat, but I plan meals that are baby friendly.  She prefers to feed herself, so we just kinda went with it.  She loves anything green - peas, green beans, broccoli, kale.  She has had turkey, chicken, beef and pork.  She really likes soups...we just drain off the broth and she eats the veggies/meat.
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  • If you want ideas of what to feed LO, I would suggest a walk down the baby food aisle at your local grocery store. You don't have to buy the food necessarily, but just take a look at what types of foods that are offered, and the stages that the foods are offered at. You could get the same information off of the internet too, but if you are like me, you spend every other day at the grocery store. It was a surprise to me the variety of foods that are baby friendly. Pretty much anything baby wants is ok, as long as it isn't peanut butter, honey, eggs, and I have heard tomatos and strawberries are iffy. DDs have both been exposed to strawberries and tomatos by 9 months. Oops. I may have forgotten a no no food, so don't think that list is the end all. Purees are a good way to start to guage where LO is at. I wouldn't mash a banana and give that as the first food, as it can gag the baby (learned that the hard way), but purees are easy for them to swallow. At about nine months, they should be at least mashing food in their mouths. Introduce one food at a time so that if there is a reaction, you know what it was, and don't give up if LO doesn't like it the first dozen or so times. Formula to supplement until they are one or so, and then cow's milk. I got bashed for giving DD1 lowfat milk, because she was sooo heavy, but I stand by it. Most children should get whole cow's milk. Or BM if you are still up to it. You can give LO water, but not as a substitute for formula or milk. I stay away from juice, but you can certainly give LO juice. I would recommend watering down, because it is straight up sugar. Don't feel bad if you want to purchase LO's food. I applaud the mothers who have time to home cook LO's food, but there are a lot of really good, organic baby foods out there. HTH.
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  • I BF so he nurses about the same frequency as he has the past few months.  We had been doing all pur?es but the past couple weeks have started doing more finger foods...usually just tasting whatever I'm having (within reason) as well as Cheerios/puffs/yogurt melts.  He recently started taking bites of banana when I hold it for him although I'm afraid he will choke so I try to make him take very small bites. 
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  • We give her almost anything. As long as its not super spicy. And she still has 34 bottles of formula a day. Anywhere from 1824 oz. She drinks water and occasionally prune juice for constipation.

    Her breakfast is usually a frozen waffle or toast with cream cheese and some sort of fruit. I cut blueberries in half. Or Pears. We stay away from bananas only because the constipate her.

    Lunch is some cut up lunch meat and steamed veggies. If she eats that good ill give her a ritz cracker. I will also strain out a can of progresso soup and give her that sometimes.

    Dinner is usually whatever we are having. Meat and a veggie.
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  • We feed formula about 30 oz and she eats pured banana apple pears squash yams avocado peas. Just recently introduced yogurt salmon turkey in tiny tiny bites , puffs. She ears about 3 oz per sitting dr said she should be eating more drinking less
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  • Connor's on formula and water to drink until 1.

     As for eating, he eats everythnig we do. He refuses to let us feed him and has for the last two months or so. I just cut up everything into bite size pieces and he picks it up and feeds himself. The only things we haven't introduced are milk, nuts, and honey.

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